“The ULI have taken on the issue of urban heat in order to socialize it and create the space for this conversation so that the investment decisions that are being made now can be made with greater awareness of extreme heat integrated into them.”

Janice Barnes

Janice has served as Expert Reviewer on the Urban Land Institute’s publication, Scorched: Extreme Heat and Real Estate, a critical assessment of extreme heat and development impacts. This work examines the urban heat island effect, its emergent and quantifiable real estate development risks, and the policy, design, and technology strategies available to mitigate climate change-driven urban heat’s most pernicious effects.

Janice recently spoke with Steve Lubetkin for the CRE News Hour about the planning and policy impacts of rising temperatures and excessive heat on urban development highlighted in the report.

Listen to the interview (Janice speaks at the 20:30 mark)
Download the report

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