How might we…

…better mitigate and adapt to extreme heat
…redefine our relationship to water while addressing flooding as well as sea level rise
…create resilience financing strategies that move ideas to action
…build ambassador capacity to strengthen dialogues
foster leadership to build long-term resilience

Climate Adaptation Partners (CAP) is a New York City-based woman-owned business focusing on collaborations in mitigation and adaptation programs with public and private-sector organizations. CAP provides service to the grand challenge of climate change in three ways: Climate Adaptation Planning, Advocacy and Partnering. We believe the most effective way to build resilience is through collective partnerships. Our approach to service focuses on growing collective capacity while retaining optimism and rests on the principle of shared creativity to query:

“how might we…”

How is process.

CAP employs an evidence-based approach in helping teams address climate-change induced stressors and shocks. While our work is by nature contextually and spatially situated, we approach the process through the lenses of local experts and stakeholders and, as well, the broader lens of empirical climate-science research. Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” We believe that a local-based perspective, buttressed by deep empirical knowledge, allows the team to see with clarity and establish novel connections.

Might is possibility.

Seeing with clarity requires acceptance of multiple frames of reference and points of view. All stakeholders offer a perspective informed by their lived experiences and their professional dispositions. We believe that resilience and adaptation work requires the ability to lead when called, to follow when necessary, and to be radically open to new ideas, perspectives, and possible outcomes.

We is collective intent.

We start by recognizing that we simply cannot do this work independently. CAP exists to bring together technical and design experts, organizational and jurisdictional leaders, and other community voices for the purpose of advancing resilience in our policy and built environments. We nurture and capitalize on our innate desire make a positive difference and to work together. Our approach allows individual talents to coalesce in a collective framework that supports novel thinking in developing dynamic, effective, and implementable strategies.


Climate Adaptation Planning includes strategic guidance, facilitation, and change management of teams whose formative questions need to address near, mid and long-term challenges related to climate change and its implications to social, economic and environmental systems.

Advocacy includes collaboration with leading organizations whose intentions are to support policy or programmatic evolutions in order to further integrate climate science and adaptation to climate change at multiple scales.

Partnering includes building an expanding network of collaborators whose professional expertise contributes to climate-inclusive solutions while mutually developing a shared practice of climate adaptation.

Climate Adaptation Planning Service:
Capacity Building for Teams, Climate Adaptation Roadmaps, Change Management for Climate Integration, Design Firm Liaison, Financing/Funding Mapping, Mitigation and Adaptation Alignment, Peer Review, Resilience Strategy Development, Stakeholder Mapping, Strategic Guidance on Investment Prioritization, Vulnerability Analyses, Workshop Facilitation

Advocacy Service:
Authorship, Board/Committee Work, Public Speaking for Climate Adaptation, Publication Editor, Researcher

Partnering Service:
Academic/Practitioner Collaboration Structuring, Network Formation and Leverage

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