New York Panel on Climate Change

In June 2020, Janice was appointed to support the New York City Panel on Climate Change. Excerpts from Press Release below and at this link

Mayor de Blasio Appoints Leading Scientific Experts to the Fourth New York City Panel on Climate Change

Diverse, interdisciplinary panel will help New York City further expand its climate adaptation efforts by providing authoritative, actionable science on future climate impacts

“In this time of crisis and struggle for justice, it is vital to energize action with a science-based and equitable vision for the city’s future. We look forward to working with the members of NPCC4 and with the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency to provide climate-risk information needed to achieve a just, resilient, and sustainable City for all New Yorkers. NPCC4 will assess the state of climate adaptation and resiliency to support evidence-based decision making amidst uncertainty. Our collective work will guide us toward transformative adaptation that fosters justice and equity,” said the NPCC Co-Chairs.
NPCC started in 2009 and was codified in Local Law 42 of 2012 with a mandate to provide an authoritative and actionable source of scientific information on future climate change and its potential impacts. Past iterations of the NPCC have upheld this responsibility by publishing assessment reports that synthesize several years of research and analysis.

The 4th NPCC will expand on this model by producing series of NPCC4 products beginning in late 2021. This will ensure that the Panel is flexible and responsive to short-term research needs – a function that is all the more important considering the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on New York City and the interactions between the current health crisis with the ongoing climate crisis. As part of this expanded approach, the Panel will also release a fourth assessment report.

Additionally, this will be the first NPCC to work with a dedicated team focused on climate science and risk communications within the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency (MOR). MOR and the 4th NPCC will collaborate to strengthen the evidence base for climate action, translate data into actionable information, and clearly articulate the present and future risks associated with global warming. The work of the Panel will continue to inform Mayor de Blasio’s ongoing efforts to ensure that New York City is prepared to withstand and emerge stronger from the threat of climate change.  


  • Dr. Deborah Balk (Baruch College – CUNY) – Co-chair
  • Dr. Christian Braneon (NASA GISS) – Co-chair
  • Dr. Robin Leichenko (Rutgers University) – Co-chair
  • Dr. Richard Moss (Princeton University) – Co-chair
  • Mr. Joel Towers (The New School) – Co-chair
  • Dr. Ana Baptista (The New School)
  • Dr. Janice Barnes (Climate Adaptation Partners)
  • Dr. Sheila Foster (Georgetown University)
  • Dr. Radley Horton (Columbia University)
  • Dr. Kim Knowlton (Columbia University – Mailman School for Public Health)
  • Dr. Nicole Maher (The Nature Conservancy)
  • Dr. Peter Marcotullio (Hunter College – CUNY)
  • Dr. Thomas Matte (Columbia University; independent consultant)
  • Dr. Timon McPhearson (The New School)
  • Dr. Katherine McComas (Cornell University)
  • Dr. Franco Montalto (Drexel University)
  • Dr. Philip Orton (Stevens Institute of Technology)
  • Dr. Bernice Rosenzweig (Sarah Lawrence College)
  • Dr. Jack Tchen (Rutgers University)
  • Dr. Gernot Wagner (New York University)
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