Building Resilience 2019

establishing concrete guidance to advance the agenda of resilient design

Janice was a guest speaker for Embracing Uncertainty: Safety + Vulnerability Assessments for Resilience at the Building Resilience 19 Conference in Cleveland, Ohio November 6-8 2019. Hosted by Building Green, Inc., International Living Futures Institute, and Resilient Design Institute, the session focused on post-disaster building safety assessments or more detailed reports that inform decision-making on repairs, retrofits, rebuilding or relocating a home or business as well as proactive planning to reduce risks and motivate the necessary work for managed retreat in the most vulnerable areas. Discussion included:

  • potential disruptions and disaster risk associated with sites
  • methodologies for performing hazard vulnerability assessments
  • exposures across performance metrics and inclusive of tipping points in expected service life
  • impacts of sea level rise in coastal communities and the magnitude of managed retreat required

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