“It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see” – Thoreau

one principle always holds true: you need good partners focused on collective outcomes in order to do this work well…and if not well, why else do it?

in our work, we seek those good partners who share an interest and optimism toward our adaptive future.

we are…

Dr. Janice Barnes
c. 312.636.9809

Janice is the founding partner of Climate Adaptation Partners, a NYC-based woman-owned business focused on planning, advocacy and partnership-building for climate adaptation. As both practitioner and researcher, Janice works with public and private clients to identify their risks and vulnerabilities and to meet their resilience goals. With technical training in architecture and business, and a doctorate linking environment and organizational behavior, her nearly 30 years of experience bridges practical applications with empirical research, to enable organizations to critically evaluate their possible adaptation pathways given current and expected exposures and link these to appropriate design and financing or funding options. Current projects include the New York City Mayor’s Office of Resiliency Climate Adaptation Roadmap, the Charleston Medical District Climate Adaptation Roadmap, the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine Resilient America Roundtable, and the American Institute of Architects Resilience Advisory Group National Planning effort. She’s recently worked on the City of Hampton Newmarket Creek Resilience Plan which leverages Environmental Impact Bond funding to capitalize resilience projects, 100 Resilient Cities Houston which integrates housing, flooding, transportation, heat and development, Dutch Dialogues Charleston which focuses on adaptation plans for regional typologies, Keep Safe Puerto Rico which is a post-Maria multi-hazard risk awareness and recovery effort for housing across the island, and the Urban Land Institute’s Scorched research which highlights strategies to address extreme heat and urban heat island effects on development patterns.

Leo Temko

Leo is a General Partner at Climate Adaptation Partners (CAP). With over thirty years of senior project management experience on large, complex urban projects and a Master of Science focused on transdisciplinary collaborations, Leo supports client understanding of climate-change risks, vulnerabilities, and adaptation options in the context of implementation and helps climate-adaptation teams succeed by highlighting connections, increasing contextual awareness, and promoting transformative collaborations. Leo’s focus on the collaborative processes at work within complex teams was informed by his work on the restoration and reconstruction of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. As a Senior Project Manager working within a dynamic, interdisciplinary construction team led by the UN Capital Master Plan, Leo managed multiple interconnected restoration efforts across the UN Campus, including the full restoration and renovation of the General Assembly Building. In the immediate aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, Leo also assisted the UN Capital Masterplan in developing and prioritizing Post-Sandy mitigation and adaptation efforts across the campus, which included reprogramming and redesigning mission-critical infrastructure facilities and storm-hardening where relocation was not possible. As Director in a New Orleans-based architectural firm specializing in water-focused adaptation projects, Leo provided strategic guidance for the firm’s project teams working on the Isle de Jean Charles Resettlement Phase II (Isle de Jean Charles / Gray, LA), Resilient Bridgeport (Bridgeport, CT), and the BCIS Wangjing Campus Planning (Beijing, China).

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